Russian Far East Voyages

Russia is a huge country, covering nine time zones. In Chukotka - the north-eastern most region of Russia, they have a saying "God is a long way up there, but Moscow is even further away" that is true in so many respects. The Russian Far East is unique, the culture, the climate, the history, the wildlife; it is a world away from the Russia you might have explored.

At Heritage Expeditions we have had a long association with the Russian Far East. Since 1993 when we began chartering our ship from this region, we listened to our crew's accounts of the magnificent wildlife and wilderness so eight years ago decided to see the Far East of Russia for ourselves. The stories were true! The Russian Far East is an incredibly amazing place and we are eager to share it with like-minded adventurers. Travellers who are looking for a genuine experience, a journey not a tour, a destination which hasn't been organised and commercialised, a wilderness where we must travel on nature's terms and not on timetables. We pioneered Expedition Cruising to the Subantarctic and Antarctica. Expedition Cruising is also the perfect style of travel for the Russian Far East, where there are virtually no roads and very little infrastructure. We have developed strong relationships with individuals and organisations that make our expeditions possible. We have made a conscious effort to ensure that the expeditions benefit the local communities. We use local services and employ local people where possible.

Here, you will find very unique expeditions, all exploring a different part of the Russian Far East from the Kuril Islands and Sea of Okhotsk in the south, to Wrangel Island in the north. It is impossible to single out one expedition as being better than the other. If you are not sure which is the most suitable expedition for you, please check our website for this past season's expedition logs for an idea of what we accomplished.

For those true pioneer travellers, we recommend our ‘Sea of Okhotsk' expedition, the few travellers who have been lucky enough to venture into this remote region west of the Kamchatka Peninsula have reported spectacular wildlife, not only birds but cetaceans. Travel north up the Kamchatka Coast on our expedition, Siberia's Forgotten Coast, 2014's voyage was wildlife packed with walrus, brown bear, beluga whales, steller's sea eagles and spoon-billed sandpiper sightings and much more.  Explore the Pacific Ring of Fire on Russia's Ring of Fire, the volcanic Kuril Islands are rich in seabirds and cetaceans.  Our ‘Across the Top of the World' expedition continues to get rave reviews. Our Jewel of the Russian Far East expedition returns for the 2015 season and provides the perfect way to see the autumn colours as we cruise from Anadyr to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

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This summer, plan an adventure to the spectacularly remote and wildlife-rich Russian Far East. Questions or ready to book one of these exciting expeditions? Please contact us today or call toll free and speak with an Expedition Specialist.

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